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Georg: "I am the..."
Tom: "pink"
Georg: *glares Tom* "YELLOW ranger"
Oh shit I ship them so bad
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This is what Tom seems to be saying with that face above the voting poll xD


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everything melts into one. first there are two fronts, us as a band and the fans. And in the end we´re all one. It really becomes one…. You don´t even notice it. the time just flies by. It´s kind of a strange feeling. you can´t even describe it. the best feeling you could have,

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im a happy person right now :’)

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by-nikith whispered: Hi, I wanna ask you if I can use your Tom collage as a background on Twitter? I will of course put your credit in the description or on our blog (chroniclesoftokiohote(.)tumblr(.)com, there's a link to our Twitter as well. Thank for answer, cheers :)

Yeah of course :)

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and we are Tokio Hotel

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2 years and i cant finish the 30 days TH challenge! Can you believe? im a lazy bitch

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